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  • Another Year Slips By!
  • Is Your Life a Story to Tell?
  • We, the Kiwanians
  • Give Your Time
  • Do Good, Feel Good
  • Work of HeART
  • Tackling Childhood Obesity at Home
  • PTSD - face it, do not fear it
  • Redistributing Edible Food
  • Selfish Reasons to Volunteer
  • Find Your Passion
  • Art of Giving
  • Marie Banuelos signs publishing deal
  • Memberships in Service Clubs
  • A Trip Abroad
  • High Road to Self Sufficiency
  • Tackling Tetanus
  • A Day On, Not a Day Off

BLOGS IN 2014 

  • Happy New Year 2015
  • Where's the Santa Tonight?
  • Human Rights Day
  • Make Change, Make History!
  • Food For Thought
  • A friend in need, is a friend indeed.
  • Fight the Flu
  • Quiz on "Your Diet & Diabetes Risk"
  • "The Angelina Jolie Effect!"
  • Walk for a Cause!
  • Highlights of the Year 2013-14
  • Share Your Knowledge
  • Getting the 'Young' involved!
  • Auction of on-line streaming of Baby Builders Exercise Program
  • Getting Bullied for Health Problems
  • The 5 Characteristics of Incredibly Resilient People
  • Bringing out the Goodness in you!
  • Servant Leaders
  • Getting Together
  • Changing Lives
  • The Impact
  • Life Without Limits
  • Taking Initiatives
  • Meet the founder of Cyber Kiwanis
  • Chronic Stress and Obesity
  • "Children, their future, our focus"
  • Qualities of a Volunteer
  • Child Abuse & Mental Disorders
  • Community Friend & Kiwanis House
  • Cyber Club...a functioning reality!
  • Diabesity...Diagnosis & Management
  • Diabesity...Link between Diabetes & Obesity
  • Who are we? What we do?
Next Meeting
February 21, 2017


Seven students have been awarded $500 in for scholarships for year 2015-2016. Funds are generated through different fundraising campaigns, car washes, yard sales, poshmark sales of donated items etc.
Informative blogs every week on diverse club activities and health related topics ranging from diabetes, childhood obesity, mental and physical disorders, cancer, community service ideas and promotion. 
Donation of curricular, fiction and non-fiction reading material/books to different reading programs, schools and libraries. Sponsoring The Dictionary Project for third graders, distributing free dictionaries to schools within and outside U.S.
A) American Cancer Society / Relay for Life California
B) Kings County Special Olympics
C) Central Valley Children's Hospital, Madera
D) United Cerebral Palsy of Central California
E) Kiwanis Family House in Sacramento
G) Storyland & Playland, Fresno
A) Relay For Life
B) Fall Rally
C) Officers training
D) Inculcating passion for community service
E) River/Parks clean up drives
F) Miracle Mile of Quarters
6. The Eliminate Project:
Eliminating Maternal Neonatal Tetanus is a combined effort of Kiwanis International and UNICEF.  Initiated in 2010 and to be completed in 2015, the two organizations aim at raising $110 million to eradicate MNT that endangers life of many expectant mothers and their future babies.
We need to grow to carry out our functions more efficiently. Every Summer we recruit graduating key club members and try to attract any individual at large who has the heart and time to give to this service club.
Individually, members are committed to performing unlimited, diversified service to their communities in any way they like. Members like to hold concession stands at rallies and parades, volunteer at shelters, schools, libraries, churches, hospital, food banks, polling stations etc. Feeding the hungry, distributing warm clothes to the poor, educating and mentoring children, cleaning the city, reading to kids and seniors, helping special needs people are different ways community service can be performed.
1. Scholarships for Key Club Graduates 
2. Fighting Childhood Obesity
3. Diabetes Awareness
4. Supporting other Charity organizations ike:
a) Children's Hospital in Madera
b) Kiwanis Family House in Sacramento
c) Kings County Special Olympics
d) United Cerebral Palsy of Central California
e) Relay for life - California, American Cancer Society
f) Storyland, Playland Fresno
g) Amigo Skate Charity, Miami
5. Club growth and development
6) Youth Engagement (sponsor three high school key clubs)
7) Honoring 'Community Friends'
8) Donation of books and dictionaries to different reading programs 
9) The Eliminate Project
10) The Dictionary Project
 Community Service Opportunities for Key Club members:
Key Clubbers must be a member of the Key Club no later than August 30
Key Clubbers must perform a minimum of 20 hours community service that was sponsored by CVC Kiwanis or Key Club. Hours of service begin April 20. Other community service on own will not count.  Opportunities for community service include:
Relay for Life for Cancer (approximately 16 hours)
Chili Cook Off for Special Olympics (approximately 5 hours)
School approved service by Key Club
Car Washes during the summer (approximately 4 hours each)
Officer Training for Key Club in Summer (TBD)
Attendance at club meetings (30 minutes each)
Attendance at Key Club DCM (one hour each)
Fundraising through CVC for scholarship account (determined by CVC)
Other service projects sponsored by Key Club i.e. ASPCA, Library, Salvation Army.  
(Religious organizations will not count).